About Us

“All things are possible to him who believes.”

MiracleNet is a FamilyEducational TV Network covering all of Asia by satellite to Cable TV and by individual satellite dishes.MiracleNet is an Inspirational, Educating with cultural singing and Dancing.MiracleNet is Sports with college sports such as Cricket.

MiracleNet, with Cable TV homes, has a potential audience of 113,770,000 viewers in Asia.

Founded, over 12 years ago, by Dr. J. Michael Hughes and his Indian wife, Sarah, living in India. MiracleNet has been an EducationalInspirational pioneer TV channel in India and most of Asia. MiracleNet has been doing substantial social work and acts of mercy, which include feeding 2212 orphans daily in India and China. That’s 199,080 meals fed every month by MiracleNet, Programming partners and Donors.

MiracleNet is first and growing in the hearts and homes of hundreds of millions of Indian and Asian people. MiracleNet is broadcasting simultaneously in the languages of the people; Hindi, Telugu, and Malayalam, and are in the process of adding additional languages.

Over 70% of MiracleNet’s programming is produced in Asia.

MiracleNet won the Galilean Award (India’s equivalent of the Dove Awards) and was awarded the International Outreach Network of the Year Award at the NRB Conference in the USA by Dr. Adrian Rogers.

MiracleNet is Educating and Inspiring the whole family to be successful in every area of their life.

As you partner with MiracleNet, you are fulfilling our great commission of being a blessing to the world and also Educating, Sheltering and feeding thousands of Orphans everyday.

For the near future, MiracleNet is working on:

  • Expanding in India
  • Expanding in Indonesia in their language to millions of more homes,
  • Expanding into Thailand in their language,
  • Starting a new network for China (we have preliminary approval from China),
  • Expanding even more in the Philippines,

Our Vision and Goal is to take this EducationalFamily channel to every country in India and Asians around the world in their own languages and with their own cultures of Singing, Dancing, Philosophy and Sports.

It’s all about love!